Who & what we are:

Fitspace Gyms is a low-cost group of health clubs. We were the first low-cost gym chain to enter the UK market over 10 years ago. We provided the UK with this budget gym chain idea and we have not looked back since. We saw the European and US gym sectors way ahead of the UK with stripped back clubs that offered basic quality gym equipment that charged the minimum. Following this fresh approach to health & fitness, Fitspace was born. Cutting out the unnecessary extras and providing top quality gyms with great equipment in a safe and clean environment for as little cost as possible. We may be small, but we are perfectly formed.

Fitspace have eight clubs and are constantly growing. Our philosophy is to encourage people to use the gym at this low cost rate regardless of experience. The health & fitness sector has many budget alternatives; with low cost gym memberships – flexible contracts & a variety of membership options to suit all, with the quality of equipment remaining high and the safety of a traditional gym.

The health & fitness industry landscape has changed, when FitSpace started, a low cost gym membership was an increasingly popular option for people due to the economic crisis. Now as we have edged away from this, people are savvier to a lower cost option for their health & fitness. They shop in low cost supermarkets, why not continue to use a gym that offers them everything they need.


How we do it:

By cutting out all the expensive bits of a health club, that few members ever use or get value from, we are able to offer a great gym at an amazing price!

Less than a quarter of all members use classes on a regular basis, and just over 10% use the swimming pool, but both these areas are expensive to build, maintain and operate - the result is all the members end up paying for these facilities that only a few use.

Most clubs require many back office staff to manage the multiple memberships and various collection methods every month as well as receptionists to meet and greet all members and ensure they are paid up members during long opening hours. All this requires a level of management staff to oversee the process, and more importantly dramatically increases the costs.

FitSpace uses a smart IT system to enable all members to join online & self swipe into their club with no cash handling, and an advanced membership tracking systems to monitor members attendance. This massively reduces our team resources, and therefore our low cost memberships, remain low.

There's no catch. We've just cut out all the fat to give you top quality budget fitness clubs at a great price.


Health & Safety:

Apart from the normal health and safety requirements that most clubs provide, FitSpace are the first club in the country to have proximity cards as membership cards (like the Oyster Card on the London Underground). The card registers every entry to the club and cross checks that entry to the member. This is then cross referenced to the several IP (advanced digital internet) surveillance cameras around the club, both prominent and covert. On top of this, FitSpace have at least one member of staff looking after the building security and maintenance during all opening hours, resulting in this being one of the safest and securest clubs in the UK.